Step by step painting of Vidya Balan

Step by step painting of Vidya Balan
Step by step painting of Vidya Balan

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This sketch was one of my initial ones. Being a new mother, it was a wonderful way to express my love for my baby.

It shows how much a parent does to give the best care possible to their child.

My sketches are made with Graphit pencils. I used tissues to blend and kneadable eraser to give highlights and clean tough areas.

Knife Painting

Tried leonid afremov style of knife painting.
He is sooooooo good with colors. Makes such vibrant and beautiful knife oil paintings. He is my inspiration when it comes to knife painting.

Knife painting is less clumsy but quite costly. It needs so much of paint and tissues. Beginners definitely find it intimidating.... but one must remember ... knife painting gives a lot of freedom to the artist.

Aanya's Sketch

This is my sister's daughter sketch. Sketching was my first love.... later i moved to oil painting.
Used graphit pencils, eraser, kneadable eraser, tissue papers... and walla !!!!!

Sketching requires least amount of material and gives immense pleasure.

Sensual bareback

Sensual bareback (Oil Painting on Canvas)

One big step towards portraits painting. Ventured into skin colors.
Loved the colors used ... esp the towel color.

-> Blonde hair were really challenging. I painted hair 4 times, but no success. Removed the color everytime. Then finally used combination of yellow ocre, white, burnt sienna and the whole thing turned out good.
-> Skin color was made with Burnt sienna, crimson lake and white. Shades of these 3 mostly worked.

Vermilion Hue was a great color for the towel, with shades of crimson lake.
Vermilion hue is such a beautiful orange..... being so transparent is its best quality :) Produces a beautiful lighter orange if mixed with yellow.

Background is simple combo of crimson lake and black.